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Pookutty Blues

well, you know, she still laughs with me
but she waits just a second too long
– John Prine

Thought I’d pen a brief follow-up to my below post, as the Oscars have come and gone and it gives me the chance to wax philosophic, somewhat at my pal’s expense. Neither my friend Tom Myers nor resurgent tough guy thespian Mickey Rourke emerged victorious. Tom was bested by an Indian fellow (dots, not feathers) named Resul Pookutty, who did the sound mix for Slumdog Millionaire. Pookutty dedicated the award to a billion Indians living in a country that “gave the world the word that precedes silence and is followed by more silence.” He was referring to the primordial Hindu syllable “Om”. This was some fairly heady stuff, but no more profound than what Tom had planned – an enthusiastic shout-out to Richie Allen and the ’64 Phillies. Pookutty’s trumping Myers was particularly disappointing for me, as I was counting on Tom bringing his Oscar with him when we ate at Marin Joe’s, to facilitate getting a table. I have no doubt that Tom will be back though, as he’s still young, hard working and talented.

On a less personal note, I was also disappointed to see Mickey Rourke lose to Sean Penn for Best Actor. While I give Penn his due, how difficult is it to win for playing Harvey Milk at an awards show often referred to as the Gay Superbowl? Still, it was somewhat fitting that Rourke would come up short, as this reflected the true nature of his role in “The Wrestler” and is an even more poignant storyline to accompany his return after falling from grace. Then again, I’ve always preferred teams like the Brooklyn Dodgers to the New York Yankees. Life seems more aptly reflected by those who strive for great things, go far, but never quite get there. Similarly, the things that we wish for most are typically entirely different if and when we realize them. This concludes my above mentioned philosophical waxing, as well as this year’s Oscar Wrap.

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