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A Vote For Myers And The Mick

The Academy Awards are coming up in less than two weeks and I’d be remiss in not acknowledging my buddy and ex Monaco Labs Print Department Manager Tom Myers, who’s up for an Oscar for Sound Mixing.  No offense to Tom, but you didn’t have to be the Amazing Kreskin to see this one coming. The Academy always favors these humble,  exceptionally hard-working, career-oriented types who stick it out for twenty-five years honing their craft and managing to step on remarkably few feet in the process. Ask anyone who’s ever worked in the industry, and the first thing they’ll tell you is that it’s a business filled with countless examples of humility and egos kept in check. Still, it’s always nice to see someone you know stepping up for his turn.

Besides Tom, the other race I’ll be keeping my eye on is that for Best Actor. Most smart money is on Sean Penn – another humble, head-down, keep-my-opinions-to-myself sort. I saw “Milk” when it opened in New York and have to admit that the guy put in a solid performance. But I’d much prefer to see Mickey Rourke walk away victorious for his turn in “The Wrestler.” I’ve seen the film twice, and despite arguments that he’s just “playing himself” I think Rourke hit the ball out of the park. Of course I’m always a sucker for stories about f*ck ups with good hearts who fail to curb their self-destructive instincts and opt for taking a fatal header off the top rope instead of the girl. It’s a great film in its simplicity and refusal to go for the happy ending, but it’s an even better performance by Rourke. I’ve also enjoyed his acceptance speeches after his BAFTA and Golden Globe wins (which I’d never have seen in a Youtube-less world.) He seems genuinely appreciative of being back in the game, and remarkably not full of shit for a Hollywood type. Maybe Mick and Tom will be comparing statues by evening’s end, busting a move atop the piano to “Let’s Go Crazy” at Prince’s post-awards bash. It’s a nice thought, anyway.

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