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Monthly Archives: August 2014


I finally tapped out on the Robin Williams news cycle last night after finding myself watching an interview with Todd Bridges, the often troubled former child actor and Gary Coleman’s older brother on Diff’rent Strokes. Bridges seemed to be the only public figure (outside of some Fox News dufus) critical of Williams in death, calling his […]

Closed For Repair

I’m on the F train again, Tuesday, on my way up to the 42nd Street Library. Bergen, York, Delancey – things are running smoothly when a neatly dressed thirty year-old woman steps on at Second Avenue barking out the dreaded and familiar “Good afternoon ladies and gentleman ..” It’s standard intro for a money pitch, yet there’s little […]

Universal Joint

I’ve been Googling of late about the universe and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict – two broad and complex topics about which I only have a cursory understanding. Of the two I find the universe to be the more pleasant subject. Sure, it can be off-putting to learn that the Sun’s luminosity will eventually increase to the […]