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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Early Roman Kings

In his triumvirate/kinda top-three Well there’s Bob and there’s Neil and there’s me –Loudon Wainwright III “My Biggest Fan” Shot. Wrecked. Like oil sizzling in a pan. Bob Dylan’s voice has drawn unflattering description in recent years but it’s not like they were ever comparing him to Johnny Mathis anyway. Last week was the second time […]


I just finished reading Cormack McCarthy’s Suttree, a novel he wrote over a span of thirty years and that is so rich in vocabulary and description it occasionally makes the reader want to shower. It’s been compared to Joyce’s Ulysses, a book I’ve personally avoided because my friend Paul, who makes a point to finish every book […]

Three MC’s & One Hurricane

Hives are gone, lost my bees Chickens are sleepin’ in the willow trees – J Cash Odd few days here in NYC, and this may be the greatest understatement since Noah told the Mrs “looks like rain..” It began last Friday with an epic three-state Skype session with my pals Miller and Myers, segued in […]