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Yay Our Side

work on harmony and diction, play your banjo well
and if you have political conviction, keep ’em to yourself  – J Cash

I hate this time of year, every four years. It’s worse in the wake of ‘social networking,’ which becomes a euphemism for mass polarization. People who would normally reserve opinion on subjects as benign as their preference for a sports team are more than willing to spout political idealism and derision. It’s distasteful and ignores the reality that political choice on a national level always involves compromise. Yet it’s broken down daily by these acutely insightful sorts to siding with the heartless or the caring; the pragmatic or the careless. You’re either an anti-American freeloader or a clinic-bombing billionaire. As always, I prefer the ambiguity of song lyrics and titles (regardless of the leanings of those who wrote them) and in this case would point to Springsteen and Zappa, respectively:

you may think the world’s black and white
and you’re dirty or you’re clean
you better watch out you don’t slip
through them spaces in between 

.. Shut Up ‘N Play Yer Guitar.

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