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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Semi Masterful

I saw Paul Thomas Anderson’s film “The Master” over the weekend and am still working it out. That it merits this consideration is no small victory. I went in under nearly ideal circumstances having forgotten whatever hype I’d read or who the actors were. When Philip Seymour Hoffman appeared about a third in it was […]

Yay Our Side

work on harmony and diction, play your banjo well and if you have political conviction, keep ’em to yourself  – J Cash I hate this time of year, every four years. It’s worse in the wake of ‘social networking,’ which becomes a euphemism for mass polarization. People who would normally reserve opinion on subjects as benign […]

Pedro & Puck, Dusty, Billy, & Frank

What’s the deal with San Francisco? Such an undeniably beautiful place yet it can get on top of you in a big hurry. Perhaps as Spinal Tap’s David St Hubbins remarked about the “authorities’” take on the mysterious death of his group’s drummer, it’s one of those things ‘best left unsolved.’ The place is an enigma […]