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Happy Valley

Don’t confuse me with those who have hope .. I sincerely believe that if you think there’s a solution, you’re part of the problem.”

I posted this quote from the late George Carlin a few weeks back and noted that I found something oddly optimistic in his pessimism. Taken in context beside his thoughts on treasuring individuals as he met them and appreciating the good fortune he’d been blessed with, it’s a tempered and pragmatic sentiment. But it would be hard to apply to the recent news coming out of Pennsylvania and a certain college football program. Life, as some would attest, is fucked up. But a big part of being a kid is the idea that you at least have a shot. Better put, it’s about not even having to worry about taking that shot and simply being allowed to be. That particular afflictions from the adult realm can cross over to squelch that illusion sucks.”Tragic” might be a more appropriate word, but there’s already been enough effusive gravitas dumped upon this fire. The particular dimensions of this story and that offences may have been better contained lend an even more calamitous air, and give those inclined the chance to point fingers from a marginally more palatable angle, but this won’t negate the reality of the central sickness. Can you always protect your own kids, never mind those on the fringes? No, probably not – you can only make their odds better. It may not be a satisfying conclusion, but at least it doesn’t ignore the problem.

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