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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Large Pie To Go

If most men, as Henry David Thoreau pointed out, lead lives of quiet desperation, it isn’t because there aren’t alternatives. I was pondering this the other day after a guy asked me for directions to Lucali Pizzeria (which is only a few blocks from my apartment) and then added “that’s the place where the two […]

Fun, Fun, Fun.

Tim Lincecum and the Giants were in town last week, facing the Mets for a three game series and serving reminder that we don’t always need dead, middle-aged terrorists to make us feel good about this country. Lincecum, as my vast reading audience will attest, is a favorite subject of mine. He rekindled my interest […]

Yay America

I had an uneasy feeling Sunday night during the initial news stages of bin Laden’s death. Bored with the Mets-Phils game, I’d flipped a few channels over and caught Geraldo Rivera, chuffed as all hell, with both fists clenched mid-air in girlish gesture. A bold, red, news alert icon was at the bottom of the […]