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Of Subways and Sit-Downs

Myers & Miller

Tom Myers (on the left) and Scott Coleman Miller were visiting me in New York this past week. I often associate one with the other – they were roommates for a while and both worked in the print department at my family’s company. Tom was actually Scott’s boss, though when I point this out he (Tom) acknowledges it only with bemusement. The truth is that they’re more like bookends than they are exact copies, and each offsets the other nicely. Scott leans forward where Tom leans back; Tom defers gracefully while Scott stirs the drink. I’m not sure where I fit in the mix, but I’ve always enjoyed hanging out with both of them. As someone once wisely observed, “you can’t make new old friends.” The poignancy of this sentiment only increases with age.

The weather didn’t treat us well, but this mattered little. We managed to fit in a bit of both Brooklyn and Manhattan, some sausage and peppers heroes, and a good sampling of The Larry Sanders Show. They also got some exposure to my world on this coast, in all of its random glory. There was a time, not so terribly long ago, when I took such fraternizing for granted. It was always there when you wanted it. That this is no longer the case makes it even more valuable, and it was good to see that it can always be picked up just as easily as it was left behind.

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