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Monthly Archives: September 2009

2434 Leavenworth

I was talking to my dad the other day, and he was raving about a new video camera that my brother bought – a high definition, direct to hard drive model which apparently produces amazing images. The future of image-capturing devices appears limitless, and their capacity to store large amounts of digital information in the […]

The Little Things

“Don’t sweat the little things, and remember that everything is a little thing.” This advice was doled out by a girlfriend’s mother a long while back, when I was going through a relatively rocky stretch. She wasn’t trying to pass it off as original; she’d heard someone say it on a talk show. The first […]

Of Subways and Sit-Downs

Tom Myers (on the left) and Scott Coleman Miller were visiting me in New York this past week. I often associate one with the other – they were roommates for a while and both worked in the print department at my family’s company. Tom was actually Scott’s boss, though when I point this out he […]