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Hillary Rodham Lott

An off the cuff remark by an Obama advisor featured in this article provides what has to be one of the least startling angles on this campaign: a lot of people are rightfully wary of the Clintons in general, and Hillary in particular. Shortly after I read the quote, I received an email from Clinton’s team (I’m on both her and Obama’s mailing list) asking for money to help ward off this sort of “attack politics.” But anyone caring to put the remark in context could see that it was more a regrettable slip than an orchestrated attack, and one that the advisor attempted to retract and keep off the record. And as such it only echoes my own suspicions about the woman. Everyone’s human, but she’s as harden, fixated and driven as any man in recent political history. Old Bubba may have been a savvy and knowledgeable politician, but he’s a teddy bear compared to the woman he married.

Comedian Dennis Miller hit the nail on the head well over a year ago, before this race had taken shape or even gotten under way: “If I were Obama, I’d keep my head on a swivel, because you go up against the Clintons .. that’s like going across the middle on Ronnie Lott.” As a long time 49er fan, I appreciated the remark; Barack might want to stay loose as this thing enters the final minutes of the fourth quarter. That was always when Ronnie did his hardest hitting. I saw Lott not too long ago while going through the security check at the Oakland airport, and he looked as formidable as ever. But given the choice, I’d be looking across the line at him rather than Hillary. (3/8/08)

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