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Letter From Brooklyn Index 2003-2004

“Letter From Brooklyn” was a series of columns that I wrote for New York Newcomer web magazine upon first moving to New York City and between June, 2003 and May, 2004. The pieces cover a year spent living in four different sublet apartments in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. Following this I lived in Scotland for a few months before returning to New York City and two more sublets. This perpetual moving may have had something to do with personal issues involving commitment, but I prefer to view it as a vain and futile attempt to beat death. In either event, it did produce some writing. The columns are listed below in chronological order.

One Week In 06.13.03

Rise Of The Fall Cafe 06.20.03

Neighborhood Color 06.25.03

Jamaica – Avenue X 07.06.03

Val Kilmer & Greenpoint Pyrotechnics 07.14.03

Working Stiffs 07.21.03

Summertime Rolls 07.27.03

Not Always A Charlie Watts Drum Fill 08.02.03

Gowanus Perspective 08.10.03

What Do You Do? 08.18.03

Real-Time Appreciation 08.25.03

Uncle Mick, Labor Day & The House 08.31.03

Between The Doberman And Bruce Lee 09.08.03

Steve, You’re Way Behind Time 09.15.03

What Doesn’t Kill You 09.22.03

Without A Doubt 09.28.03

All Apologies 10.05.03

Some Get Strong, Some Get Strange 10.13.03

Buy Polar; Save On Arctic Deals 10.19.03

Spilled Ink 10.26.03

East Coast, West Coast 11.01.03

Easter Time Too 11.10.03

Out Of The Blue And Into The Black 11.18.03

The Great Park Slope Clipper 11.24.03

Old Peculiar 12.01.03

Born Looser 12.08.03

Mothers Of Reinvention 12.15.03

Merry Christmas Baby 12.24.03

Balls Alone 01.06.04

Candy From Strangers 01.13.04

Barry Manilow’s New Neighbor 01.19.04

In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed 01.27.04

These Vagabond Shoes 02.09.04

New York Gas 02.23.04

Unlimited Metro 03.05.04

Concrete Jungle 03.12.04

Shake Your Money Maker 03.24.04

Too Long In Exile 04.13.04

Doorman’s Doorman 05.12.04

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