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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Dead Carlin In ’12

Disappointed in Obama and feel that you got short-changed on your Hope and Change? Frightened by the prospect of having a guy named ‘Mitt’ in the White House? Sick of being of reasonable mind in the middle and knowing that no candidate you might back would ever make it to the final ballot? Disgusted by […]

Occupy Zuccotti Park

What a gloriously perplexing place America must be to the outsider visiting for the first time. This was my thought yesterday, waking to an Internet news blurb about the actor Joseph Son, a super-sized martial arts expert who fulfilled the American Dream by landing a solid role as Mike Meyers’ henchman, Random Task, in the […]

Kutcher Jobs Report

So Steve Jobs died. I know this because Facebook is flooded with hundreds of postings noting his greatness and the personal impact he had on the lives of ordinary Internet users. There are clever iconic images using his profile in place of the bite taken out of the side of an apple, and cartoons depicting […]