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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

I wrote something for a UK-based website a long while back, and they changed my suggested title to “Make It Happen.” Anyone possessing remote familiarity with my take on things could tell you that I’m not a “make it happen” kind of guy. It isn’t the instinct that eludes me, but the phrasing. “See What […]

Sam He Am

I wrote a definitive piece on the rock n roller Sammy Hagar some years back and before I started logging my writing on this blog in its current form. It was probably one of the better things I’ve written, and I titled it Genius Redefined. I posed a particular definition of the word (genius) that […]

Half Full

Of all the news items through which one might ascertain that he’s led a misspent life, I tripped across this SF Chronicle piece by Warren Hinckle today – an exposĂ© on the state of the endangered Irish coffee glass in San Francisco. No, it wasn’t reflecting on all the Irish coffees I’ve consumed that brought […]