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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Art Lovers

I’m in the elevator this morning, about to unknowingly gather empirical support for my previously suggested hypothesis on the dangers of non weather chat. A short while in to my descent, the guy from the apartment below me gets in – an affable chap from Italy whom I met last week. He had knocked on […]

Brooklyn Snow

I used to run in to people from the Midwest and East Coast in California who liked to beef about the lack of distinction between seasons. My suspicion is that they were some of the same people I’ve since met in New York who go on about freezing temperatures and having to shovel their walk. […]

Reason To Like NYC #2351

There’s a brand of subway movie poster defacement, particular to this city, which I very much enjoy. It isn’t as overtly political as some I’ve observed in San Francisco, and cuts to the chase rather nicely. Here we see an advertisement for the new Ron Howard film – reason alone to go at it. Vince […]

Double Cross Punica an undercover cop who had a sister named Jan – Lucky Wilbury Tuesday morning and I’m back from the holidays in California, scaling the steps at Borough Hall just off the 5 from Grand Central and elevating in to the chilled Brooklyn air. A vendor’s cart with stacked pomegranates comes in to distant focus […]