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Monthly Archives: September 2010


The filmmaker formerly known as Scott Miller visited me last week, under his current incarnation “Coleman.” He’s explained this decision to push his middle name front and center as an attempt to stand out more in the increasingly Internet-oriented world of independent film making, but it still escapes my limited comprehension. If a guy as […]


These go to eleven .. – Nigel Tufnel I was at a Giants game in San Francisco last month, sitting in front of some loudmouth who was maintaining a string of ceaseless discourse for his imprisoned seatmates. “Buster Posey – this kid’s terrific, although you won’t get many long balls out of him ..” Posey […]

Late Greats

Squash Hashanah I make no claim to being a photographer, but my great-grandfather was one by trade. It seems to me there have been two kinds of memorable pictures taken since the invention of picture-taking: those given much thought prior to execution, and those that came about because some guy had a camera. And just […]

Mad Good

I’m just going to put this one out there. While I’m still squarely in the camp of The Sopranos, last Sunday’s episode of Mad Men – “The Suitcase” – was as good as anything I’ve seen on television in a very long time. Much mention was made of the strong writing for female characters on […]