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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Gha Na Na

Based on a novel by a man named Lear – McCartney Cheap is small, and not too steep But best of all, cheap is cheap – Davies Now that America has bowed somewhat gracefully out of the World Cup, we can all move on to more pressing matters at hand. It’s difficult to hold a […]

Soccer Deux

Straight is the gate, and narrow the way – Williams/Christ My buddy Dave in San Francisco emailed the other day, commenting on my last posting about soccer. While I suspect part of his correspondence (like my article) was meant as tongue in cheek, he did use three rather strong qualifiers – “ignorant,” “reactionary,” and “full […]

Not The Worst-Looking Game At The Bar

It’s official – I’ve got World Cup Fever. Rampant, rabid, rousing, rampaging World Cup Fever. After America’s stunning upset tie with England yesterday, I’ve re-thought my stubborn, quasi-xenophobic aversion to what the rest of the civilized world calls The Beautiful Game. I’ve reconsidered my country’s immature obsession with winning, and learned to relish coming up […]

Replay This

Armando Galarraga. There’s a name to remember – correctly spelled with two “r’s” in the middle. As any non-comatose baseball fan is aware, the Detroit pitcher threw a perfect game against Cleveland last week. Except it wasn’t. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, a little perspective and definition for the non-fan. A perfect game […]