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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Kentucky Rain

Walking home Monday at midnight in the driving late-March Brooklyn rain, I hit a good twenty minute stretch. I rarely use an umbrella in New York City as it presents an awkward space-management dilemma, like navigating the already populous cement with everybody’s head expanded to triple-size. But given the hour and conditions the sidewalks were […]

Stepping Over and Punishment

I just finished reading Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, having struggled with the novel for several months and putting it down for long stretches at a time. There were occasions when I would get through multiple chapters in one sitting, but typically I’d read two or three pages at night before becoming exhausted and falling asleep. […]

Biggie Tupac Redux

Spring has sprung – according to the window sign in Francesco’s pizza anyway. I typically look to Francesco’s for these reminders. Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Remember To Vote – this is the kind of stuff that slips easily past when you reach a certain age and don’t have a local food establishment there to clue […]


I’ve often thought that the one thing standing between this page and the national recognition it so richly deserves is decent sports photojournalism. My brother took this shot of his nine year-old son Peyton, sliding home with obvious concentration during his Little League opener. Anyone who has ever played the game will take note of […]

Locust Day

My buddy Tom Myers, who was in Los Angeles for his second consecutive Oscar nomination Sunday night, is on his way to becoming the Jeff Bridges of sound men. He lost to a Swedish dude with two middle initials who made a slightly less grandiose speech than the Indian guy who managed to work the […]

Unknown Legend(s)

I used to order just to watch her float across the floor – Neil Young I exchanged a brief, long-distance hello with my old buddy and Greenbrae legend Joe Lazor the other day. Joe grew up down the hill from me and we went to school and played on the same Little League team together. […]