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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Crazy Joey Youtube

I’m buying a twelve dollar bottle of California Pinot Noir Monday night and the sixty-something guy behind the counter  (not the owner but an amiable sort and Mets fan) is talking Crazy Joe Gallo with a compadre from the old neighborhood. “I worked for Joey when I was a kid,” Liquor Store Guy says, “running […]

Ballad Of A Thin, Right-Handed Pitcher

I’m not much one for follow-up postings, but I’ll supplement the below rant with a post-show evaluation. If all Bob Dylan did at the United Palace Theater last night was perform Ballad Of A Thin Man it would have been worth dragging my ass up to Harlem. Still being a relative neophyte at these shows […]

Most Of The Time

all the merry little elves can go hang themselves my faith is as cold as can be If it’s Thursday it must be Dylan. This Thursday, anyway, up in Harlem. I can’t seem to string too much together these days that’s worth remembering, but I keep listening to Bob. Why? I could only take him […]