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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Boom, Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The weather broke in New York City yesterday and a two week span of ninety degree days shifted in to something cooler and more palatable. This morning’s light rain and upper sixties temperatures felt like San Francisco – with an added boost of perspective, coming on the heels of everything that a Big Apple August […]

Don Draper Logic

Mad Men kicked off its third season on AMC last night, and it’s either jumped the proverbial shark or is heading into exciting and uncharted waters, depending on your slant. It’s no Sopranos-grade production and its creator Matthew Weiner is no David Chase, despite the former having worked for the latter on said superior program. […]

Problem Child

I’m hot and when I’m not I’m cold as ice – Young, Young & Scott Pervasive summer fog punctuates another longish San Francisco stay, and by trip’s end I find my condition mirroring the area’s meteorological state: low, even, and not letting up any time soon. The flight is always shorter west-east, and thankfully so. […]