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Monthly Archives: June 2009


While I’m at this photo-posting bit, here’s one of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, as seen from my roof this past weekend. It seems an appropriate image, on the cusp of the upcoming holiday.  I looked the word “liberty” up, and among various definitions my favorite was “freedom from arbitrary or despotic […]

New York Sunset

A neighbor watches the sunset following a particularly intense thunder and lightning storm.

Three The Hard Way

Quite a day for celebrity deaths, yesterday. Farrah Fawcett checked out, followed closely behind by Michael Jackson. Soon after this news, a rumor circulated that the actor Jeff Goldblum had bought the farm as well, but this proved false. This was good news, both for Goldblum and advocates of the theory that show business deaths […]

On The Beach

well this is no New York street and there’s no bobby on the beat and things ain’t just what they seem -Van Morrison There’s a lineup of old black dudes displaying their wares on long collapsible tables on the sidewalk beside the West Fourth Street subway exit in the Village. Old vinyl LPs and audio […]


walk away from trouble if you can –Kenny Rogers So David Carradine is dead, possibly (but not definitively) the result of auto-erotic asphyxiation. At least there’s still one off-color habit in which I’ve yet to indulge. Thai police, who found Carradine in his Bangkok hotel, said that he had cords around both his neck and […]

Born In Time Out Of Mind

askin’ the cops wherever I go “have you seen dignity?” –  Bob Dylan Thankfully, there are no time tables for musical appreciation.  Somewhere, over the last five years, I became a big Bob Dylan fan. I realize, of course, that I’m not the first to lay mad accolades on the dude. I’d listened to Blonde […]