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Monthly Archives: April 2009

420-Friendly; Must Be in to Knives

So how about that Craigslist Killer, to borrow a line prefacing many a comedy bit these days. I’ve always maintained that no good can come from Craigslist, outside of the narrow context of needing a piece of large furniture removed from your apartment. Even then it’s a roll of the dice. Craigslist Killer – this […]

Triples and Tunes

Exile On Johnny Ryall Street Baseball and music – two things without which my life would be much emptier. We had Giants season tickets when I was a kid back in ’78 and I talked my dad in to re-upping the deal in ’86 when I started driving our company delivery truck. The G-Men had […]

The Weight

he just grinned and shook my hand and “no” was all he said – Robertson/Dylan So that Seth Rogen kid lost a ton of weight, which may not bode well for his comedic persona. While the formerly fat may register close to the naturally thin at weigh-ins, the resemblance often stops there. If you put […]