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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Home Furnishings

When I was first kicking around New York back in 2003, I lived in a lot of sublets. There were five of them in a period of one year, and more to come after. It was an odd existence, but no more than some that had come before, or since. It felt like the thing […]

Talking Turkey

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. I have no obligations and am largely guilt-free as I’ll be returning home some weeks later for Christmas, New Year, and my dad’s birthday. It’s rare that one gets such a pass in life – the opportunity to skip out on a burdensome holiday requirement without feeling the […]

Time Out Of Mind

The days are rocketing through November and I’m in the wine shop next door, radio starting to play Blue Christmas and announcer commenting on Elvis leading holiday sales again this year. “Jesus,” says the attractive thirty-something woman pricing Port beside me, recognizing neither King – Memphis nor Bethlehem – but the fact that it’s here […]

In Praise of Timmy Lin

Not beholden to the afterwards –Vic Chesnutt “Tarragon” Had a strange, good day on Tuesday that ended early in the evening with my legs giving out from under me. Well, not my legs exactly, but close enough. Before that there had been good company, Charlie Kaufman not allowing film to go gentle into that good […]

Eyesight to the Blind

I had planned on dropping this election stuff after the results were in last week, but it remains too large to ignore. The country, and much of the free world, would appear to be in the grips of Obama-fever. Granted, it was an historical moment when America put a black guy in the top spot […]

Brown Eyed Handsome Man

It was about two years ago, in San Francisco, some time before my second exodus. I’d been holed up inside all day, bogged down in a typically cloistered mindset, and ventured out to a local watering hole for a late night drink. He was English, the guy next to me, and somewhere in his early […]