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Monthly Archives: October 2008

“I got a rock.”

Spent some time feelin’ inferior – Rod Stewart / Ronnie Wood They say that kids today are way ahead of those of my generation, and having a niece and nephew who are competent in both Japanese and English, I’m inclined to agree with them. But today’s kids are also missing something. This occurred to me […]

Hynde Sight

Unemployable, illegal You’re a whole film by Don Siegel – Chrissie Hynde It’s little wonder that Chrissie Hynde defies my general aversion to female singers. She had Ray Davies’ kid and kissed the stage in honor of Neil Young when she opened for him in Pennsylvania. She’s capable of writing lyrics like the above, appealing […]

Less Cowardly New World

For some time now, my computer-savvy pal Paul Theodoropoulos has suggested that I update the format of my web site to something more modern and interactive.  I value Paul’s input in these matters, but I continued to resist. I knew my reluctance was based largely in delusion, as these disjointed posts are one of the […]

Turn Out The Lights

“Those people you run in to who want to be the boss? They should know, huh?” John “Johnny Sack” Sacrimoni to Tony Soprano Charlie Rose had Barton Gellman on his show the other night, the Washington Post reporter who wrote a rather critical book on the Cheney Vice Presidency. Rose asked Gellman what the biggest […]

Too Long In Exile II

Baby, the great sadness / you’ve got to let it all go Live in the present / live in the future, Johnny – ain’t that so -Van Morrison (with John Lee Hooker) “Wasted Years” Here today and expected to stay On and on and on .. -Elliott Smith Been looking at bits and pieces from […]

The Undersea World of Deepak Chopra

Somewhere between coasts and very high up in the sky, the kid takes a tumble. I mistake her at first for a little boy, not much older than a year and too small for a seat but too large and rambunctious for an infant carrier. Her mother, who has inexplicably found the time to become […]