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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Loose Change

I sat home in Tennessee, starin’ at my screen uneasy feelin’ in my chest, wonderin’ what it means -Steve Earle “Christmas in Washington” So Obama made his speech last night, and this message of “change” was prominent. Sheryl Crow even switched a few words around in one of her songs to fit the occasion and […]


Ain’t talkin’ / just walkin’ Eating hog eyed grease in a hog eyed town -Bob Dylan I’ve never been a huge fan of poetry outside of songwriting. Something about my innate, nonlinear orientation makes it difficult for this form of prose to stick with me if it doesn’t have a back beat or chord progression. […]

Self Wiring

Among the numerous theories relating to how we come to be who we are is the deceptively simplistic idea that it “all comes down to wiring.” There’s something undeniably satisfying about this approach, as susceptible as it might be to picking apart. Advocates of genetic influence would likely weigh in with support, but it’s difficult […]


I’m in Mazzone’s True Value hardware store buying a quarter-inch pressurized cap for the water line that used to go in to my old refrigerator’s ice maker. I’m fairly pleased with this fifty cent purchase – it’s early in the day and I’m under the illusion that I’ve taken care of another problem. But I […]