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Monthly Archives: July 2008


It’s halfway through July, the high point of summer, and a run of ninety degree days has given way to mid eighties temperatures and the threat of heavy rain. I’ve noted it before – New York weather lends itself to the city and possesses weight, distinction and authority. When the sky makes up its mind […]

Some Truths About Baseball

I used to have a love – hate relationship with baseball, but in recent years it’s evolved into an indifferent – somewhat less indifferent relationship. I played as a kid. My brother’s a big fan and the game occupies as much of my dad’s frontal lobe as eating or sleeping. Back in 1987 I attended […]

Clint, Spike etc.

One of the better moments in Oscar history came in 1993 when Barbra Streisand stepped to the podium to present the award for best director. The theme for that year’s ceremony was “The Year of the Woman” and Streisand was introduced as the “woman who directed The Prince of Tides.” Before opening the envelope, she said […]