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That’s What Xi Said

Anything in the news this week? OK, first, to state the obvious: all of this is way bigger than the financial markets. That the majority of plebs still don’t realize this is the central, salient point. As the late, great George Carlin put it “it’s a big club, folks, and you ain’t in it.” The difference here is the definition of “the little guy.” You really have to be on the inside-inside to escape that designation. Think Nancy Pelosi and her husband sinking a million fins into Tesla weeks before Biden announces the government fleet switching over to electric. Think hedge funds. Think “not you.” Think killing buy orders on Robin Hood or taking away your trading phone and leaving you with the unreachable option of a $25,000/month Bloomberg Terminal. Think charges of “racism” being lobbed any and every time a little guy finds a way to beat the system.

For those not following this ‘GameStop’ story, just give it a little time. If we’re still around a few generations down the line, this will be the Millennial Coming of Age version of the canceling of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Collusion at present is about as subtle as Totie Fields in a thong. About as subtle as taking your chances with a Xi Jinping / Winnie the Pooh t-shirt at a CCP party picnic. Poor Jenn Psaki. You have to figure the phrase “I didn’t sign up for this shit” had to come up this week during dinner with her hedge fund husband. Oh, and speaking of Xi .. how’s that wet market/pangolin story holding up these days? Feeling a little thin? Maybe a quick peek into that Wuhan lab? Buckle up, folks .. somebody in the big club left the door open a crack.

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